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This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and discuss all of the potential ideas that you have been looking at. We will work together to create something beautiful and perfect just for you.


The trial consists of a two hour appointment, where I will come to a place of your choosing. I will listen and advise on hair styles to suit you, your dress, your bridesmaids, and of course the mothers.


We will look at accessories, a pre-wedding haircare routine, additional treatments such as hair extensions, keratin treatments, hair cuts and colours.


This is our chance to talk through what will happen on the morning of your wedding and of course if we miss anything out, you can bombard me with as many questions and queries as you like before the big day.

£70 for 2 hour session

£50 Deposit for wedding day booking.

On the day


It's time to relax, pop open the bubbly and sit back and be pampered!


My experience of wedding mornings are always extremely calm and fun, everything will have been sorted during and after the trial so it will just be all about getting you and your wedding party ready! I can be with you from early morning until the moment you are ready to put your veil on. 


I will be there for a minimum of 3 hours, for me to work  just on you, or alternatively for the same price, you and one other member of your wedding party.  For your bridesmaids I will spend approx 45 minutes on each person and will quote for flower girls seperately based on age and hair type.  In this time I will ensure that everyone's hair is going to last the distance.


Bride - £160 (see above for details)

Additional Bridesmaids - £80 each 

The Mothers - £30-50

Travel charges may be included depending on the destination.

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